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University Center for Social & Urban Research · UCSUR

In memory of our dear colleagues Greg Six and Don Musa

We are a University of Pittsburgh research center established in 1972 to serve as a resource for researchers and educators interested in the basic and applied social and behavioral sciences.

In response to faculty interests and current domestic policy issues, the center develops interdisciplinary research programs that address regional and national policy issues. As new policy issues emerge, UCSUR is prepared to facilitate and coordinate the development of additional programs identified by interested faculty.   More...



"Housing in the 21st Century: Challenges and Solutions"

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News & Highlights
  • Article:  Disentangling impacts of multiple pollutants on acute cardiovascular events in New York city: A case-crossover analysis - Jamie L. Humphrey, Ellen J. Kinnee, Lucy F. Robinson, & Jane E. Clougherty - Environmental Research
  • Article:  Out-of-Pocket Health Care Spending at Older Ages: Do Caregiving Arrangements Matter? - Esther M. Friedman, Scott R. Beach, & Richard Schulz - Journal of Applied Gerontology
  • Report:  State of Aging, Disability, & Family Caregiving in Allegheny County - Dec 2022 - By Scott Beach, PhD (UCSUR); Christopher Briem, MPA (UCSUR); Janet Schlarb, MS (UCSUR); Everette James, JD, MBA (HPI); & Meredith Hughes, JD, MBA (HPI) - Funded by the Henry L. Hillman Foundation
  • Report:  Pittsburgh´s Affordable Housing Crisis:  Is Privatization the Solution? - Feb 2022 - By Daniel McClymonds, Jackie Smith, PhD, & Connor Chapman (University of Pittsburgh Department of Sociology) with Randall Taylor (Penn Plaza Support & Action Network)
  • Research Paper:  Quality of life and demographic-racial dimensions of differences in most liveable Pittsburgh - By Sabina Deitrick & Christopher Briem - Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal, 15 (2), 193-209 (2022)

Featured UCSUR Programs & Projects

NCFS National Center on Family Support

In collaboration with the Health Policy Institute, UCSUR´s Gerontology Program launched the Center for Caregiving Research, Education and Policy.

WPRDC Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center (WPRDC)

Provides an inclusive infrastructure for openly sharing civic information, and project staff members provide a range of services as a civic data intermediary.

GIS Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Providing services to manage & analyze spatial data, including executing original research & providing data publishing, technical assistance, online decision support, & data education.

Survey Survey Research
Data Collection Services

Survey professionals, trained interviewers, and data management specialists ready to assist with your qualitative or quantitative research project.

QDAP Qualitative Data Analysis

A resource to the University community in all aspects of qualitative data collection and analysis.

Registry Regional Research Registry (PuRRR)

An actively maintained a local IRB-approved (PRO11060616) research registry, including caregivers. Our registry contains over 9,000 regional residents willing to take part in research studies.

Gerontology Certificate Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

Designed to serve individuals from diverse educational, employment, & professional backgrounds who are interested in acquiring basic knowledge about gerontology.

Pittsburgh TODAY Pittsburgh TODAY
Regional Indicators Project

In-depth journalism and regional indicators program that compares Greater Pittsburgh with 14 other regions on hundreds of measures.

Reports Center, Census, & Other Miscellaneous Reports

A collection of regional economic reports, census reports, annual reports, and other related compositions.

Other UCSUR Projects & Services
  • Steven D. Manners Faculty Development Awards:  These awards support pilot research in the social, behavioral, and policy sciences that has the potential of leading to larger, externally funded projects of interest to local/national foundations or state/federal agencies.
  • The Pittsburgh Regional Economic Model (REMI):  UCSUR uses software published by Regional Economic Models Inc. (REMI) to develop and maintain a regional economic model for Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh´s REMI model is supported by UCSUR in partnership with the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, which uses REMI for technology planning transportation infrastructure.
  • Acquisition & Management of Secondary Data:  As an affiliate of the Pennsylvania State Data Center, the official source of demographic and economic data for the state, UCSUR is a repository for electronic and printed census information, including Census 2010 data.
  • Program Evaluation Services:  Assisting individuals at the University of Pittsburgh and community agencies with their program evaluation needs. We provide assistance in developing and designing evaluation plans, collecting and analyzing data, and writing evaluation reports.
  • Technology Services:  Providing customized data management systems and services for our programs, our clients, and the community. These systems and services focus on high-level security, data integrity, reliability, performance, and functionality.
  • Pittsburgh Economic Quarterly (Archives):  UCSUR published the Pittsburgh Economic Quarterly (PEQ) to support organizations and staff involved with economic development throughout the region. The PEQ highlighted important economic and demographic trends that impacted the regional economy and the competitiveness of the regional economy.
University Center for Social & Urban Research
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