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Key Initiatives



Manners Award
February 20, 2018


Information Technology Infrastructure

Rob Keene

Robert M. Keene, IT Director

UCSUR’s Technology Services unit provides robust data management systems and services for our programs and clients. These systems and services focus on high levels of security, data integrity, reliability, and performance. UCSUR partners with Pitt’s Computing Services and Systems Development (CSSD) department as well as cloud-based service providers Amazon, Google, and Oracle.  These relationships enhance our capability to leverage modern computing technologies, deploy enterprise quality software, implement contemporary security protocols, and leverage protective network infrastructures. These vital partnerships enable UCSUR to provide staff and researchers with the tools needed to meet critical project requirements.  These alliances also allow UCSUR to meet strict data integrity, security, and privacy demands of entities such as institutional review boards and the federal government.

UCSUR’s Technology Services unit also supports the latest data mining and data analytic software/techniques helping researchers to identify relationships and draw conclusions from collected data.  This integrated, data-based analytical methodology is fundamental to research conducted and supported by UCSUR’s interdisciplinary research team.



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