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Gerontology Research Program


Richard Schulz, Program Director

The study of adult development and aging has become a central focus of researchers and educators in almost every university in the United States.At the University of Pittsburgh, social science, medical, and legal expertise on aging issues can be found throughout the University. These human resources are augmented by extensive research, service, and training facilities that provide both direct services to older adults in the Pittsburgh region and hands-on training to students and research fellows.

The mission of the Gerontology Program is to initiate, coordinate, and facilitate research on aging in collaboration with faculty in more than a dozen different disciplines (e.g., Psychiatry, Anesthesiology, Rheumatology, Nursing, Epidemiology). Program faculty and staff play an active role in developing proposals for research focused on psychosocial, behavioral, cognitive, and physical aspects of aging

The principal goals of the Gerontology Program are to:

  1. Stimulate the development of externally funded research in six areas: physical and mental health of older adults; the use of technology to improve older adults quality of life; work and retirement; aging and social institutions; socialization and social support; and cultural differences and aging.
  2. Operate as the information hub for interdisciplinary, aging-related research and training resources throughout the University.
  3. Assist in the development of new gerontological training and service programs that serve the research and training missions of the University.


  • Regional Survey and Census Data on Baby Boomers and Older Adults
  • Consultation on Proposal Development/Writing
  • Access to Longitudinal Data on Adult Development and Aging
  • Application of Life-Course Theory to Research Design and Analysis
  • Conducting Randomized Trials in the Social and Behavioral Sciences
Gerontology Research Program
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