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Manners Award
September 17, 2021


Southwestern Pennsylvania Community Profiles

Elizabeth Monk

Elizabeth Monk, Project Manager

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Southwestern Pennsylvania Community Profiles (SWPA Community Profiles) is a new way to collect, analyze, and understand information across a range of domains to look at our neighborhoods and communities in a comprehensive data fashion. SWPA Community Profiles presents community data and indicators in a series of interactive tables and maps. With data and indicators from local, state, and federal government sources, along with a select set of other databases, SWPA Community Profiles will allow users to understand and visualize data along a range of geographic areas in our communities and region. Data are organized along 11 data domains: arts and culture, demographics, economy, education, environment, governance and civic vitality, health, housing and properties, human services, public safety, and transportation. Within each domain is information important to understanding the changes, trends, and developments that are affecting our local areas. Data are available by different geographies, from county and municipal levels down to neighborhood and census tract and block groupings. Not all information is available along all geographies, but much is. Users can click on one of the domains to view a range of data indicators, with options to produce a map to visualize the selected information and compare across different places. SWPA Community Profiles has been supported by the Allegheny County Department of Human Services (DHS) through its Human Services Integration Fund. Included in the project are DHS data totals by service type and geographic area.

This information is useful for many working in human services fields in understanding complex relations through an integrated data system and conducting comprehensive assessments with these data tools. SWPA Community Profiles was developed with the Providence Plan and software pioneered through its Rhode Island Community Profiles project. UCSUR and the Providence Plan are partners in the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP), based at the Urban Institute in Washington, D.C. UCSUR has long been a part of the “democratizing data” movement, a focus on making information public and easily accessible to users. SWPA Community Profiles will be central to those efforts in our region. Residents, nonprofit organizations, businesses, governments, and others will find information invaluable for a wide range of uses and be able to use information and data in their efforts to build community capacity and improve quality of life. Trainings and information sessions for the SWPA Community Profiles site are offered free of cost.  Please contact us for additional assistance or to set up a training.


SWPA Profiles

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