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Brown Bag Lecture Series

Brown Bag - Summary List

  • 2019 Nov 15:  "LGBTQ+ Civil Rights: Local Government Efforts in a Volatile Era"  Nicole Elias

  • 2019 Feb 08:  "Governing without Government: Nonprofit Governance in Detroit and Flint,"  Davia Downey
  • 2019 Jan 11:  "Planning for Multimodal Transportation Corridors,"  David Totten

  • 2018 Nov 9:  "From Bricks & Mortar to Virtual Spaces: Using Digital Innovation to Advance Nonprofit Missions ,"  Catherine DeLoughry, Toby Greenwalt, Regina McDonald Russian
  • 2018 Oct 30:  "The Crisis of the African-American Middle Neighborhood,"  Alan Mallach
  • 2018 Mar 23:  "Urban Apartheid & the 2016 Summer Olympics,"  Ty Redden, PhD

  • 2017 Dec 08:  "Looking Ahead — What the Trump Administration Means for Brownfield Redevelopment,"  Charlie Bartsch
  • 2017 Dec 01:  "What Helps and Hinders Green Infrastructure on Vacant Land in Legacy Cities?,"  Margaret Dewar, PhD & Moria Egler
  • 2017 Nov 10:  "Are Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Exacerbating Urban Inequality?  Evidence from Four Cities","  Elsie Harper-Anderson, PhD
  • 2017 Nov 03:  "Can Participatory Mapping Platforms Change the Way We Work with Urban Perceptions?,"  Jiří Pánek, PhD
  • 2017 Mar 24:  "Remaking Post-Industrial Cities: Lessons from North America and Europe,"  Donald K. Carter, FAIA
  • 2017 Feb 17:  "Building Community and Ecological Resiliency Through Obsolete Infrastructure Removal,"  Lisa Hollingsworth-Segedy, AICP
  • 2017 Feb 03:  "Parcel Scale Green Infrastructure Siting and Cost Effectiveness Analysis for Pittsburgh, PA,"  Michael Blackhurst, PhD
  • 2017 Jan 20:  "Smart Cities and Sustainability,"  Grant Ervin

  • 2016 Dec 02:  "Modelling Predatory Mortgage Lending,"  Kristen B. Crossney, PhD
  • 2016 Oct 28:  "Producing and Preserving Affordable Housing in Shrinking Cities,"  J. Rosie Tighe, PhD
  • 2016 Sep 30:   "Affordable for Who?  New York City’s Affordable Housing Plan,"  Alex Schwartz, PhD
  • 2016 May 20:  "Exacting a Pound of Flesh:  Neighborhood Environments, Childhood Food Insecurity and Obesity,"  Anna Santiago, PhD
  • 2016 Apr 15:  "Operating the Game-theoretic National Interstate Economic Model:  A Numerical Example of Aviation Cyber Security,"  JiYoung Park, PhD
  • 2016 Feb 26:  "Coupling Systems, Building Coalitions: Connecting Housing, Energy and Transit in U.S. Cities,"  Barbara Wilson Brown, PhD
  • 2016 Jan 22:  "The Monroeville Doctrine: The Suburbanization of Industrial Research in Twentieth Century Pittsburgh,"  Patrick Vitale, PhD

  • 2015 Dec 04:  "Understanding and Addressing the Housing Crisis for America's Lowest Income Households,"  Andrew Aurand, PhD
  • 2015 Nov 13:  "Interdisciplinary Modeling of Environmental Resources:  Insights from Three Recent Projects,"  Michael Blackhurst, PhD
  • 2015 Oct 23:  "Urban renewal in Europe: Is renewing deprived areas of European cities a European matter?,"  Aisling Healy PhD
  • 2015 Oct 09:  "Modeling Community Mapping:  Mashing Up Government Data and Online Community Data in Korea,"  Sunsoo Hwang, PhD
  • 2015 Mar 20:  "Shrinking Cities:  Are We Siting Affordable Housing in Neighborhoods of Opportunity?"  Robert Silverman, PhD
  • 2015 Feb 13:  "Multigenerational Planning for Elders and Children,"  Mildred E. Warner, PhD

  • 2014 Dec 05:  "Inclusionary Eminent Domain: Reconciling the Fifth Amendment Takings Clause with Affordable Housing, Urban Development and Planning Law,"  Gerald S. Dickinson, Esq
  • 2014 Nov 21:  "The Potential of Tracking Technologies for Research in the Social Sciences,"  Noam Shoval, PhD
  • 2014 Nov 07:  "Land Banks and ‘Land Aid’ in Pennsylvania Cities and Towns,"  John Kromer
  • 2014 Oct 29:  "Creative Cities: The Future of Research in Urban Arts and Culture,"  Ann Markusen, PhD
  • 2014 Oct 17:  "Who Benefits from Collaborative Planning?  Reclaiming the East 185th Street Corridor in Cleveland,"  Jordan Yin, PhD
  • 2014 Jun 13:  "Information Systems for Land Banking  (How we’ve used data to acquire 4,000 properties, demolish 2,500 structures and rehab 1,000 parcels in the Cuyahoga Land Bank!),"  Mike Schramm
  • 2014 Feb 28:  "Health and Geographic Information Systems,"  Kristen Kurland & David Wallace, MD, MPH
  • 2014 Feb 21:  "Driving Detroit:  The Quest for Respect in the Motor City,"  George Galster, PhD
  • 2014 Feb 07:  "Race, Ethnicity, and Zoning in Chicago,"  Randall Walsh, PhD
  • 2014 Jan 24:  "The Changing Role of Public Housing Authorities in the Affordable Housing Delivery System,"  Rachel Garshick Kleit, PhD

  • 2013 Dec 06:  "Negotiating with the Growth Machine: Community Benefits Agreements and Value-Conscious Growth,"  Colleen Cain, PhD
  • 2013 Nov 21:  "The Promise and Power of Open Data,"  Mark Headd
  • 2013 Nov 14:  "A Bridge for a Thousand Years: How Planners Should Think About Infrastructure,"  Ernest Sternberg, PhD
  • 2013 Nov 08:  "The City After Abandonment; Urban Policy After Neoliberalism,"  Jason Hackworth, PhD
  • 2013 Oct 25:  "Aging in Place: An Exploration of Built Environment Challenges in the Rust Belt,"  Beverly McLean, PhD
  • 2013 Apr 30:  Special Brown Bag Presentation, UCSUR's 40th Anniversary Celebration, "Re-Booting the New Federalism,"  Paul O'Neill with opening remarks by Richard Schulz and Chancellor Mark Nordenberg
  • 2013 Apr 12:  "Micro-Participation:  Community Engaging in Planning with Social Media,"  Jennifer Evans-Cowley, PhD
  • 2013 Mar 22:  "Mapping Vacancy, Delinquency, and Abandonment: Constructing Useful Indices in an Imperfect Data Environment,"  David Bartelt, PhD
  • 2013 Feb 22:  "Social, Spatial, and Economic Transformations in Deindustrializing Cities,"  Tracy Neumann, PhD
  • 2013 Feb 15:  "Residential and School Mobility: Implications for Place-Based Initiatives,"  Claudia Coulton, PhD, MSW
  • 2013 Feb 01:  "How do Residents Define their Neighborhood Using Online Tools?  Results from Pittsburgh and New York City," Jessie Carr MPH, Jane Clougherty MSc, ScD, & Isaac Johnson

  • 2012 Dec 07:  "Modeling the Impact of the Port Authority´s Service Cuts,"  Kathleen Colbert-Gibson
  • 2012 Nov 16:  "Where the Streets have Four Names:  Building Address Standards in Allegheny County's Municipalities,"  Matt Mercurio
  • 2012 Oct 05:  "Re-Thinking the Future of Community Development Corporations,"  W. Dennis Keating, PhD
  • 2012 Sep 17:  "Under the Suface:  Fracking, Fortunes, and the Fate of the Marcellus Shale,"  Tom Wilber, Author
  • 2012 Sep 07:  "Sustainable Social Housing:  A Comparison of Experience in the US and UK,"  Len Gibbs, CEO
  • 2012 Mar 23:  "Anchor-Based Economic and Community Development Strategies,"  Ziona Austrian & Kathy Hexter
  • 2012 Feb 10:  "Active Aging from an Intergenerational Perspective,"  Elza de Souza
  • 2012 Jan 20:  "Analyzing Urban Structure in Pittsburgh with Network Models and Cartography,"  Donald Buckwalter, PhD
  • 2012 Jan 12:  "Housing Demand and Neighborhood Choice with Housing Vouchers in Pittsburgh,"  Judy Geyer, PhD

  • 2011 Nov 18:  "Do Local Anti-predatory Lending Laws Work? Evidence from Cleveland,"  Yilan Xu
  • 2011 Oct 07:  "Shrinking Cities: What Can Be Done,"  Alan Mallach
  • 2011 Sep 22:  "Neighborhood Revitalization: Keys to Success and Future Challenges,"  Karl Schlachter
  • 2011 Apr 15:  "White Flight / Black Flight: The Dynamics of Racial Change in an American Neighborhood,"  Rachael Woldoff, PhD
  • 2011 Mar 25:  "Mortgage Delinquencies in Pennsylvania: Are Loan Modifications Stemming the Tide?,"  Lisa Nelson
  • 2011 Feb 25:  The Orderliness of Urban "Disorder": Drug Dealing "Careers" and the Local Interaction Order of a Place,"  Waverly Duck, PhD
  • 2011 Jan 28:  "Neighborhood Quality, Parental Knowledge, and Parental Control of Children: Assessing Aspects of Parental Monitoring,"  Anita Zuberi, PhD

  • 2010 Nov 12:  "The Social Organization & Everyday Life of Suburban Poverty:  An Ethnographic Community Study," Alexandra Murphy, PhD
  • 2010 Nov 05:  "Urban Economics:  Foreclosure, Vacancy and Crime," Dr. Randy Walsh PhD and Lin Cui
  • 2010, Oct 29:  "Upper Silesia and the Ruhr: The Transition of Old Industrial Regions in Europe,"  Martin Pudlik and CyrylGaras




Brown Bag Lecture Series

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Bring your lunch and join us for presentations that highlight neighborhood, community, economic, and other social research by our esteemed colleagues. Presenters include local, national, and international social research experts. Lectures are Noon – 1:15pm, 3911 Posvar Hall, 230 S. Bouquet St. Posvar Hall is next to the Hillman Library on the Schenley Oval. On-street metered parking is available, as well as a metered parking lot at Semple and Bouquet Streets. Other parking is available at the Soldiers and Sailors Parking Garage.

Brown Bag Summary List

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