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Manners Award
April 23, 2018


University Center for Social & Urban Research (UCSUR)

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Established in 1972 to serve as a resource for researchers and educators interested in the basic and applied social and behavioral sciences.


Mission Statement

The mission of UCSUR is to work collaboratively to conduct interdisciplinary research that improves communities and addresses social, economic, health, and policy issues most relevant to   society.  more...


Brown Bag
Listen to one of our best brown bag lectures of this past season. Ty Redden, PhD - "Urban Apartheid & the 2016 Summer Olympics."
Thank you for attending another year of Brown Bag Seminars.  We look forward to unveiling an exciting line-up for next season!  Please visit here for a list of all past presentations.

Manners Award UCSUR will, again, make two Research Development Grants of up to $10,000 each to interested faculty.  These grants are intended to support pilot research in the social, behavioral, and policy sciences.  Letter of intent is due by Feb 28 and final applications are due May 4th.  Learn more...


Sept 1, 2017

Scott BeachScott R. Beach, Interim UCSUR Director, has been awarded a five-year $3.2 million grant from the National Institute on Aging, a division of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH).  The study will explore risk factors for financial frauds and scams in 700 adults age 60 and older.  Read more...

Spotlight Reports

April 2018

SinkDo lead water laterals affect property values?  A Case Study of Pittsburgh, PA.  This study explores whether the expected presence of a lead water lateral affects property sales in Pittsburgh, PA.  Lead water laterals are the primary source of lead in drinking water in the U.S. Full replacements require both municipalities and property owners to agree to replace their portion. Line replacements are expensive to the extent that property owners may not feel the benefits of replacement are worth the costs. Improved understanding of how property owners make decisions regarding lead water laterals can help with mitigation, particularly when mitigation strategies involve providing public incentives for lateral replacement.

January 2018

PEQPittsburgh Economic Quarterly (PEQ), January 2018.  Articles include "Results of the Pittsburgh Regional Caregivers Survey," and "Alternative Measures of Unemployment for Pittsburgh Recipients."

December 2017

UCSURThe Pittsburgh Regional Caregivers Survey, 2017. UCSUR and the Health Policy Institute’s Stern Center for Evidence Based Policy recently conducted a survey of western Pennsylvania caregivers to better understand informal caregivers and their needs, and help inform regional and state policies. This report is part of the Western Pennsylvania Family Caregiving Project, 2017-2018.

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