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May 9, 2021


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Western Pennsylvania Family
Caregiving Project, 2017-2018


UCSUR is collaborating with the Health Policy Institute (HPI) at the Graduate School of Public Health and the RAND Corporation on a comprehensive two year initiative to translate research evidence into sound policy and practice improvements that will make Western Pennsylvania a model for a nationwide “culture of caregiving.”  Informal caregivers increasingly play an important role in providing health care for millions of chronically ill and disabled Americans, often significantly reducing hospitalizations and nursing home stays. During the two year project, HPI, UCSUR and RAND will jointly serve as research hub for local, state, and national policy efforts to systematically identify caregiver risk and test community based-interventions to support those at greatest risk and improve health outcomes.  The aims of the project are:

  • Aim #1:  Determine factors that place family caregivers of older adults living in Western PA at risk for poor emotional and physical health.
  • Aim #2:  Using data from Aim #1, comprehensively assess economic and health risks and unmet needs among family caregivers in Western Pennsylvania.  This aim involves a comprehensive telephone survey of 1,000 family/informal caregivers and 200 care recipients being conducted by the Survey Research Program (SRP) at UCSUR.
  • Aim #3:  Using data from Aims #1 and #2 implement evidence-based interventions to address specific needs for caregivers at high levels of risk.

December 6, 2017
The Pittsburgh Regional Caregivers Survey, 2017

  Full Report


  Detailed Survey Methods

Breakout Tables

  Care Recipient AD Status

  Care Recipient Age

  Caregiver Age

  Caregiver Education Level

  Caregiver Race

  Caregiver Annual Household Income Level

  Caregiving Hours-per-Week

  Caregiver  - Care Recipient Gender Combination

  Caregiver Relationship to Care Recipient

Survey Graphics

  Caregiver & Care Recipient Profiles

  Caregiving Situation / Context

  Care Activities

  Aspects of Caregiving

  Caregiver Support Environment

  Caregiver Participation

  Caregiver Health

  Caregiver Health Literacy & Numeracy

  Employment & Caregiving

  Information / Services / Policy

  Health Insurance & Income



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