Center Reports

Integrated Data to Predict Chronic Absence in Public Schools


Integrated Data to Predict Chronic Absence in Public Schools This project conducted research on chronic absenteeism through data integration of place-based data with student data and internal and external information from the Allegheny County Department of Human Services. The project is part of Connecting People and Place:  Improving Communities through Multi-agency Integrated Data Systems, funded… More

The State of Aging in Allegheny County


Demography is destiny is an often-repeated phrase when making dire predictions about the impact on society of an aging population.  Allegheny County historically has been one of the oldest counties in the nation and demonstrates that demography is not destiny as it continues to be a robust and economically healthy population center.  For more than three decades… More

Pittsburgh Regional Environmental Survey, 2013

As the Pittsburgh region continues its ascent, regularly ranking as one of the nation s most livable cities, maintaining and improving the region will require attention to a key long-term asset: the environment. Across America and the globe, mobility between regions and nations has become commonplace, and people decide where they want to live and why.… More

Hilltop Housing Market Analysis

This report presents information on the current condition of the housing market in the Hilltop communities of South Pittsburgh. The Hilltop consists of 12 South Pittsburgh neighborhoods home to 38,000 residents in 2010. Data was collected from a number of local, state, and federal data sources by the University of Pittsburgh Center for Social and… More

Young Adults Report

PittsburghTODAY – The young adult population in any region is a preview of its future.  For much of the past three decades, that has been a topic of concern around Greater Pittsburgh.  The notion that the region is losing its young adults like few other places in the country became a mantra, a steady drumbeat – a… More

Pittsburgh Regional Quality of Life Survey, 2011-2012

PittsburghTODAY and the University Center for Social & Urban Research (UCSUR) are pleased to release a distillation of the findings of the Pittsburgh Regional Quality of Life Survey, the most extensive survey of the residents of Greater Pittsburgh since the historic Pittsburgh Survey was published in 1908.  Our intent in undertaking this survey was to use… More