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  • 90.5 WESA:  Essential Pittsburgh
    Transportation & Immigration Lack in Pittsburgh, According to Regional Report.  PittsburghTODAY Director, Doug Heuck, talks with Paul Guggenheimer about our Pittsburgh Today and Tomorrow 2014 report.
  • 90.5 WESA:  Essential Pittsburgh
    Does Pittsburgh Meet the Needs of the Millennial Generation?  Regional Economist, Chris Briem, talks with Paul Guggenheimer and Sasha King.
  • Pittsburgh Economic Quarterly (PEQ) - December 2013
    · Labor Force Participation Trends in the Pittsburgh
    · Economic and Community Impacts of Colleges and
      Universities in Smaller Communities in Western
    · Allegheny County´s Older Population in 2010
  • Tuesday, January 14, 2014 - Pittsburgh Open Data
    "Pittsburgh councilwoman Rudiak introduces open data bill"

    "Robert Gradeck operates the Pittsburgh Neighborhood & Community Information System out of Pitt. The PNCIS is a massive database of in-depth property information that he has assembled through special arrangements with the city. The Open Data Ordinance, he said, could mean the tech community could vastly expand on the work of PNCIS. 'We´ll be able to focus on using the data with more folks, and we don´t have to be the only ones who can build the tools,' he said, 'and we can partner with more folks.'"
  • 2013 Pittsburgh Regional Environmental Survey
    Pittsburgh TODAY:  Aside from lending greater knowledge of our residents´ actions, understanding, and views regarding the environment, we hope that the information in this survey contributes to more-informed dialogue and decision-making regarding the region´s future.
  • Elder Abuse and its Prevention
    Scott R. Beach, PhD, Survey Research Program Director and Associate Director of UCSUR, participated in this workshop sposored by the Institute for Medicine on April 17th, 2013.  A recap of the meeting agenda and videos is now available here.  A summary of the workshop can be viewed here.
  • UCSUR´s celebrates 40 years of accomplishments and service
    UCSUR celebrated its 40th anniversary on April 30 with a reception at Pitt´s University Club.  UCSUR would like to thank keynote speaker Paul O´Neill, Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg, and all of our guests for their support and participation in our special anniversary event. Thank you.

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