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Monday, December 07, 2020  03:05 PM  (45)

State Employment Projections for the Pittsburgh Region 2018-2028

In December the Pennsylvania Center for Workforce Information and Analysis (CWIA) released updated projections of employment by industry and occupation for the state and individual metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) within Pennsylvania. These projections estimate employment change over a ten-year period: 2018-2028 for both major industries and detailed industry classifications.

For major industries (2-digit NAICS industries or equivalent) in the Pittsburgh region, the largest number of net new jobs are anticipated to be generated in Health Care and Social Assistance industries which are projected to experience a net increase of 21,260 jobs, or growth of 10.5%, over the decade.  Accommodation and Food Services industries are projected to have the next largest increase in jobs with 6,740 (+6.7%) net new jobs created over the decade.

Major industries expected to have the largest net employment declines in the Pittsburgh region include Retail Trade industries, which are projected to contract by 3,540 jobs, or a decline of 2.9%, and Manufacturing industries, which are projected to contract by 3,510 jobs (-4.0%), over the decade. 

Detailed industries (4-digit NAICS industries or equivalent) with the highest and lowest projected change in regional employment levels are shown in the tables below. The largest employment gains are projected in Restaurants & Other Eating Places, which are anticipated to increase by 6,380 (+8.2%). The largest regional employment declines are projected to be in Iron and Steel Mills which are expected to lose 930 jobs (-16.1%). 

Note these are long-term projections of employment in the Pittsburgh region based on pre-pandemic employment levels, and do not necessarily reflect short or long-term structural impacts on the regional economy due to Covid-19. More information on these employment projections, including the methodology used to create them are available online here


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