Urban and Regional Analysis

deitrick_sabina_02The Urban and Regional Analysis program promotes scholarly analysis of Urban & regional problems through multidisciplinary research. Our projects and services further our understanding of the causes and consequences of economic and social change.

  • Our emphasis is on major economic and demographic trends in the Pittsburgh region in national context.
  • The policy consequences of these shifts, especially the strategies for economic development and job creation, are analyzed.
  • In addition to the performance of the regional economy, specific strategic economic sectors are analyzed through in-depth studies.
  • The results of such studies are disseminated widely to the region´s policymakers and relevant organizations.
  • The program also fosters the development of new methods of data collection and analysis as well as scholarly publications by participating faculty, research staff, and graduate students.
  • The program provides research support and data analysis to the University community, regional nonprofit organizations, and policymakers.