Special Population Surveys

These are surveys of special populations, including professional groups, specific sub-populations, and those utilizing particular services. These also typically involve client-supplied list-based samples.

Selected examples include:

  1. Web-based surveys of all public and academic libraries and samples of school and special libraries focusing on staffing, budget, and other workforce issues (n=20,000 total surveys)
  2. Web-based survey of local manufacturing firms focusing on their performance and busines practices (n=150)
  3. Web-based survey of local steel-supplier firms regarding their ties to the Pittsburgh region (n=100)
  4. Telephone surveys of former participants of the YouthWorks jobs program for adolescents focusing on their education, career plans, and employment history (n=300)
  5. Mailed survey to independent pharmacists in PA regarding their opinions about a new law allowing them to administer immunizations (n=700)
  6. Telephone survey of human resource personnel at local firms regarding experiences with local student interns (n=500)
  7. Web-based survey of biological scientists focusing on varying definitions and uses of the gene concept in contemporary science (n=500)
  8. Annual mail surveys with telephone follow-up of medical assistance patient satisfaction with behavioral health treatment in Allegheny, Berks, York, and Adams counties (n=3,000 per year)
  9. Statewide telephone surveys with child care provider centers/home-based child care providers and web-based surveys of colleges and universities who offer training and degrees in early childhood education (n=750 telephone surveys; n=100 web surveys)