Participant Recruitment Efforts

UCSUR has conducted several recruitment studies over the past five years.  These have involved locating members of the target population and administering brief screener instruments to determine eligibility and describe the larger study.  Several of these have been aimed at the recruitment of community control samples in case-control studies.  The Center also has extensive experience in using RDD telephone surveys with screening questions to obtain representative samples of sub-populations (e.g., particular age groups; racial groups; people residing in specific zip-codes; those reporting a primary care physician that they see regularly).

Selected examples include:

  1. RDD telephone recruitment of healthy control adults for a study of genetic factors in schizophrenia (n=200)
  2. RDD telephone recruitment of control families with 14-18 year old adolescents for a study focusing on how adolescent substance use changes over time (n=200)
  3. RDD telephone recruitment of control females between the ages of 45 and 70 in PA, NY and OH for a study of ovarian cancer (n=1,850 over 4 years)
  4. RDD telephone recruitment of older adults (age 50-75) for participation in an experiment focused on perceptions of risk for cancer (n=300)
  5. RDD telephone recruitment of community control families with 7-17 year olds for comparison to families with a parent having bipolar disorder (n=300)