Medical / Clinical Follow-up Studies Involving Survey Components

These involve survey data collection conducted as part of larger medical/clinical studies and typically involve client-supplied list-based samples.

Selected examples include:

  1. Telephone surveys of stem cell donors to determine the role of ethnic and cultural factors on donor-related outcomes and quality of life as part of a five-year multi-site study (n=600 per year, n=3,000 total)
  2. Telephone interviews focusing on relationships and interactions of healthcare providers with veterans who have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C as part of a two and half year study (n=1,200)
  3. Telephone interviews focusing on quality of life among end-stage renal disease patients as part of a multi-site randomized clinical trial comparing different methods of delivery of hemodialysis (n=500 total over 4 years)
  4. Telephone follow-up surveys focusing on quality of life issues as part of a randomized clinical trial comparing peripheral blood stem cell vs. bone marrow donation (n=5,000 total interviews over 5 years)
  5. Telephone interviews with HIV+ and HIV- veterans to explore the role of alcohol use in adherence to medication treatment (n=3,000)
  6. Thirty-day follow-up telephone interviews regarding vital status, functional status, and follow-up treatment among pneumonia patients in a multi-site clinical trial of treatment protocols (n=2,000)