General Population / Random Digit Dial (RDD) Surveys

These are surveys that attempt to make generalizations about the general population and typically involve the use of Random Digit Dial (RDD) sample telephone surveys.  These surveys now include a combination of landline and cell telephone numbers.

Selected examples include:

  1. RDD telephone survey in the 11-county Southwestern PA region focused on public opinion concerning water quality and management issues (n=1,500)
  2. RDD telephone survey in the Tri-state area (PA, OH, WV) focused on participation and education in the arts as part of the Pittsburgh Regional Indicators Project (n=1,200)
  3. National RDD surveys in the U.S. and Canada exploring public conceptions of and attitudes toward democracy and government institutions to provide comparison data for the Latin American Public Opinion Project (n=600 U.S., n=600 Canada)
  4. National RDD telephone surveys focusing on a variety of issues related to needs for and use of various sources of information including the internet, libraries, and museums (n=5,000)
  5. Statewide RDD telephone survey of adult Pennsylvanians focusing on use of public libraries to determine the overall economic benefits of public libraries in PA (n=1,000)
  6. Telephone survey to assist the City of Pittsburgh with an evaluation of the crime prevention and neighborhood revitalization Weed & Seed program in three city neighborhoods (n=1,200)
  7. National RDD telephone survey using randomized experiments to explore interracial differences and evaluations and perceptions of the criminal justice system (n=1,200)
  8. RDD telephone survey, incorporating landline and cell telephone numbers, in the 32 county region surrounding Pittsburgh on quality of life issues (n=1,800)