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Mayoral Maps


Just a snapshot of some election returns yesterday in the Democratic Party primary for Mayor in the city of Pittsburgh. More to come, but below depicts the candidate with the highest number of votes in each precinct.  

Steel City Codefest

The Steel City Codefest was held at Google’s offices in Bakery Square this weekend. 21 teams competed to build apps designed improve the lives of Pittsburghers. At the end of the 24-hour event, there were many tired eyes but happy faces. We here at UCSUR were delighted to be a partner in such a great… More

Click That Hood – Pittsburgh version!

One of UCSUR’s former interns, Laura Meixell, is now a fellow at the nonprofit Code for America in faraway Oakland, California doing good things. One project she has worked in is: Click That Hood, an online game testing your ability to identify specific city neighborhoods with versions right now for 37 different cities/locations across the… More

More on Voter Turnout in Allegheny County


Below is a map of voter participation in Allegheny County last week. The map shows data by individual voting district. Note voter participation is different from voter turnout. Voter turnout is typically a ratio of ballots cast to the number of registered voters. Voter participation here is calculated as the ratio of ballots cast to… More

More election maps

More static maps of the election results by voting district yesterday within Allegheny County. Also the comparable results for the presidential elections in 2008 and 2004. The data for these maps are part of what is now available online via the links in the previous post. You should be able to click on each of… More

Election Data

In collaboration with Brady Hunsaker, we have put to use some Google Fusion tables to create a set of online maps of election results in Allegheny County yesterday. The map visualizations, as well as the data used to construct them are there for all to use. The data is a recompilation of data by voting… More