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Demographic Trends and the City of Pittsburgh


An update using data from the 2012 American Community Survey (ACS) released today shows the ongoing trends in the demographics of the City of Pittsburgh. With the 2012 data released by the ACS, the proportion of the population age 65 and over has dropped below comparable national data. The data for the graph above:

Realty Choice Investments


Several of you have been asking us for a listing of properties owned by Realty Choice Investments. We put together this listing in a spreadsheet for distribution at the PNCIS Users’ Conference on June 7, along with a zoomable PDF map of all properties this company owns, manages, or has sold. For background, please refer… More

Even More Mayoral Maps

These also made their debut at the PNCIS Users Conference. Votes for each candidate: 1 dot = 5 voters by district (Dots are randomly distributed)

More Election Maps – Council Races

These were on display at the PNCIS Users’ Conference – Here are maps for three contested City Council elections for the Democratic primary. District 8 – Winner: Dan Gilman District 6 – Winner: Daniel Lavelle District 4 – Winner: Natalia Rudiak

Voter Turnout Map


Here’s the voter turnout map from last week’s Democratic primary. A PDF version is also available.

More Mayoral Maps

Just a different look at some of the results from yesterday’s mayoral race in the City of Pittsburgh. The maps below show the results for each of the three major candidates independently. PDF versions of the same here: Peduto, Wagner, Wheatley.