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Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference

We’ll be presenting at the Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference in Cleveland this October. The conference will have plenty of sessions for anyone interested in vacant property policies and issues, including foreclosure response, REO’s, legal issues, landbanking, property reuse, urban agriculture, code enforcement, etc. If you’re going to the conference, our session “Using Data to Strengthen… More

Oil and Gas Leases by Municipality

Lease Area Web Chart Municipality

As a follow-up to yesterday’s Marcellus posting, we have compiled data on acres leased by Municipality between 2003 and May, 2010. The following charts show the top 10 municipalities by acreage leased and by share of total acreage leased.  

Lawrenceville Oil and Gas Leases

LV Chart

We also took a look at leasing activity in Pittsburgh’s three Lawrenceville neighborhoods. Area residents are interested in the potential impact of this activity on the neighborhood, especially given the leasing of the 31 acre St. Mary’s Cemetery. 70% of the 43 recorded leases in the neighborhood were granted by just six property owners, with… More

Oil and Gas Leasing in Allegheny County

Interest in new oil and gas leasing has jumped with the rise in Marcellus Shale activity in the Commonwealth. The PUB shows where related leasing activity by parcel is taking place in Allegheny County. Oil and gas leases cover the right to extract oil and gas from a property, while right of way leases cover… More

Welcome to “The Pub”

“The PUB” is UCSUR’s new Pittsburgh Urban Blog from the Urban and Regional Analysis program. The PUB highlights our work on economic and community development, neighborhood conditions, and regional change in Pittsburgh. Exciting findings and research will be featured from our Pittsburgh Neighborhood and Community Information System (PNCIS) and our quarterly publication, the Pittsburgh Economic… More