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By popular demand: tract/neighborhood maps in Pittsburgh from 2000 and 2010 U.S. Census

Here are a few maps that are often requested of us. Enjoy and frame! Of note: with the 2010 Census, there is no longer an exact correspondence between census tracts and City neighborhood boundaries. Some tracts now cross neighborhood boundaries.

Municipal data meeting Feb. 20

We’re hosting a meeting for government staff, elected officials, and their community partners (COGs, CDC’s, etc) to discuss municipal and county data issues and opportunities. This meeting will take place Thursday Feb. 20 from 1-3 pm here at UCSUR in our 1st floor conference room. The meeting is open to those connected to local government,… More

Land Bank Maps

Here are maps of tax delinquency and tax liens in the City of Pittsburgh using data from UCSUR’s Pittsburgh Neighborhood and Community Information System (PNCIS). Files are high-resolution pdf format. Zoom in to look at individual neighborhoods. We recommend downloading and viewing the maps through an Acrobat viewer. Follow the discussion through @pncis on twitter.

UCSUR and the state of Open Data in Pittsburgh

Open data legislation has been recently introduced in City Council by Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak. UCSUR’s Bob Gradeck was in Council chambers for a post-agenda session on January 30th to share his thoughts on how open data will benefit many different constituencies in the City. UCSUR has also been tracking social media sentiment on open data… More

Election Raw Data

Here’s the raw data from Tuesday’s election. All Allegheny County elections (csv) Selected City elections (csv) City GIS election districts with selected elections (shp in zip archive) County election districts (shp in zip archive) We only ask that you provide attribution, and share any interesting analysis or visualization with us (pncis@pitt.edu or @pncis). Special thanks… More

Election Maps

Here are a few maps of interest from yesterday’s election. We plan to release the raw data (csv and GIS layers) later this week.