Pittsburgh Economic Quarterly – March 2017


Features The Use of 311 Requests as a Measure of Neighborhood Conditions in the City of Pittsburgh –by Donald Musa Mining Employment and Industry Trends Across Pennsylvania –by Christopher Briem Parcel Scale Green Infrastructure Siting and Cost Effectiveness Analysis Map –by Michael Blackhurst New Staff Member at URA – Colleen Cain, PhD

Comprehensive Economic Impact Analysis: Pennsylvania’s Military and Defense Installations

Research Team: Sabina Deitrick, PhD, URA, UCSUR, Principal Investigator Chris Briem, URA, UCSUR, Regional Economist Colleen Cain, PhD, URA, UCSUR, Project Manager and Research Scientist Elizabeth Monk, URA, UCSUR, Researcher Michael Blackhurst, PhD, URA, UCSUR, Research Scientist   Funder: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Period:  1/3/2017 – 2/28/2017 Description: A research project that addresses the need for Pennsylvania to… More

Pittsburgh Economic Quarterly – December 2016


Features Sustainability Report Overview –by Jeffery Fraser Nonemployer Statistics and the Pittsburgh (Gig) Economy –by Christopher Briem Data Day –by Bob Graedeck and Elizabeth Monk Urban and Regional Brown Bag Seminar Series Spring 2017 Calendar of Events Smart Cities and Sustainability Friday, January 20, 2017 Grant Ervin, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Pittsburgh. Building Community and Ecological… More