The Pittsburgh Neighborhood Distress & Health Study


Date Published: 2015

  • Anita L. Zuberi, Ph.D.
  • Robert M. Gradeck
  • Waverly Duck, Ph.D.

This report provides a snapshot of Pittsburgh’s 90 neighborhoods, with a special focus on the links between neighborhoods, race, and health.  For each neighborhood, we have prepared a profile of data and a map to help readers orient themselves. The profiles utilized data from the Pittsburgh Neighborhood and Community Information System (PNCIS), a project of the Urban and Regional Analysis Program at University Center for Urban and Social Research. These data include details on birth outcomes, vacancy, tax delinquency, property ownership, assessment, foreclosure, crime, housing sales, and land use. Data sources include the Allegheny County Health Department, Allegheny County Office of Property Assessments, City of Pittsburgh Police Department, and the United States Postal Service. Additional data from the U.S. decennial Census and American Community Survey provide details on neighborhood population and demographics. All data have been aggregated to match the neighborhood boundaries in the city of Pittsburgh.

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