Neighborhood Reports

City of Pittsburgh Neighborhood Profiles, American Community Survey, 2010-2014 5-year estimates

This report compiles data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) for City of Pittsburgh neighborhoods. The City of Pittsburgh defines 90 distinct neighborhoods, each of which is a collection of one or more census tracts or census block groups. The index of specific census tracts or census block groups to City of… More

The Pittsburgh Neighborhood Distress & Health Study


Date Published: 2015 Anita L. Zuberi, Ph.D. Robert M. Gradeck Waverly Duck, Ph.D. This report provides a snapshot of Pittsburgh’s 90 neighborhoods, with a special focus on the links between neighborhoods, race, and health.  For each neighborhood, we have prepared a profile of data and a map to help readers orient themselves. The profiles utilized… More

Who Moves to Lawrenceville and Why?

This study was conducted to provide community leaders with a rich understanding of residents moving to and from Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhoods. A survey of those who have recently moved in or out of Lawrenceville was conducted by the University Center for Social and Urban Research (UCSUR) at the University of Pittsburgh in the summer of… More

The Hazelwood Neighborhood, 2010

This report presents a picture of the City of Pittsburgh’s Hazelwood community, which includes the neighborhoods of Hazelwood and Glen Hazel. Following decades of population decline and physical abandonment, there is a renewed interest in the community by many regional stakeholders, including The Heinz Endowments, the sponsor of this report. Hazelwood developed as an industrial… More

Anatomy of a Neighborhood: Homewood in the 21st Century

The Urban and Regional Analysis program at the University Center for Social and Urban Research (UCSUR) has been engaged in a number of projects involving Pittsburgh neighborhoods, with its Pittsburgh Neighborhood and Community Information System (PNCIS) serving as a valuable resource for these projects. This report summarizes recent collaboration between UCSUR and the Homewood Children’s… More

May 1996 Hill District Community Plan

The Hill District is a community with rich, vibrant people and history. The community has many resources and the potential to develop significantly. These resources include a strong connection to the Jazz industry, the advantage of being one of the major centers for African American Culture in the tri-state region, a prestigious topographic location between… More