Michael Blackhurst, Ph.D.

Blackhurst_photoDr. Michael Blackhurst is currently a Research Development Manager at the University Center for Social & Urban Research at the University of Pittsburgh.  His research is robustly interdisciplinary, drawing especially from engineering, economics, and statistics.  Dr. Blackhurst oversees applied and basic research and consulting projects in the education, energy, and environmental sectors. His record demonstrates strong leadership in developing robust, data-driven decision-support resources for a wide array of stakeholders.  Current research and consulting domains include energy and water demand-side management for the buildings sector, regional climate change mitigation and adaptation, regional water resource planning, and environmental life cycle assessment.  His work has been profiled in the New York Times and National Geographic.  Dr. Blackhurst has eight plus years of experience leading a diverse array of engineering consulting services for public sector clients.

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Phone: 412-624-1019
Email SWPA@pitt.edu