Center Reports

Anatomy of a Neighborhood: Homewood in the 21st Century

The Urban and Regional Analysis program at the University Center for Social and Urban Research (UCSUR) has been engaged in a number of projects involving Pittsburgh neighborhoods, with its Pittsburgh Neighborhood and Community Information System (PNCIS) serving as a valuable resource for these projects. Homewood is a neighborhood in Pittsburgh’s East End that has experienced… More

Estimating the Supply and Demand of Affordable Housing in Allegheny County

As the housing and foreclosure crisis continues to affect both housing markets and regional conditions across the U.S., the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania is focusing on the post‐crisis impacts on lower income households in the Pennsylvania and Allegheny County, especially impacts on the most vulnerable households.  Though housing conditions have improved dramatically over the decades for many lower income families,… More

Impacts of Vanpooling in Pennsylvania and Future Opportunities

This report presents the findings of the project Impacts of Vanpooling in Pennsylvania andFuture Opportunities.  Vanpools are ride‐sharing arrangements among participants, using a van or other small commercial vehicle, typically for commuting to their places of employment.  A vanpool carries a group of people – generally between 7 and 15 passengers – from a common origin to a common destination,… More

Economic and Community Impact Report – Washington Jefferson College June 2010

This study examined the economic and community impacts of one small, private liberal arts college in Western Pennsylvania, Washington & Jefferson College, located in Washington, Pennsylvania. This is the pilot study of a larger examination investigating the links between colleges and their communities across the western Pennsylvania region.

Using PNCIS Data to Model Vacancy, Crime, and Property Taxes in the CONNECT Region

One of the primary challenges facing local officials in the Pittsburgh region is that of vacant property. Unattended residential and commercial lots, unclaimed parcels, and undervalued sites strain the revenue stream for local governments and school districts. The CONNECT communities, which are those that share a municipal border with the City of Pittsburgh, are certainly… More

Hazelwood Neighborhood Profile 2010

Hazelwood is a City of Pittsburgh neighborhood of 5,033 residents (2010 Census) located along the northern shore of the Monongahela River, approximately four miles from Downtown Pittsburgh. The neighborhood developed over 100 years ago, shaped by several steel and coke-making plants located in and around the community. In recent decades, Hazelwood has lost its manufacturing… More