Allegheny County Municipalities Employment by Place of Work Profiles (March 2006)

This report presents profiles of employment by place of work for individual Allegheny County municipalities in 2000. Small area employment data compiled by place of work can differ markedly from employment data compiled by place of residence. Significant commuting flows within a metropolitan area makes it typical for a worker to live in one sub-region while working in another sub-region. Employment data compiled by place of work provides detailed information on the location of commercial activity within a region.
This data is drawn from data compiled form the Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP) which was developed by the Census Bureau in cooperation with the Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS). The CTPP is a special tabulation of data based on the decennial census long form questionnaire that was answered by 1 out of every 6 households in the United States. The CTPP has recompiled census data to show the characteristics of workers in a particular geographic area regardless of where they reside. This differs from employment data which is typically compiled and presented based on the residence of workers.

Data presented here is a summary of data available from the CTPP. Tables are included here for the breakdown of employment by industry, by occupation, by mode of transportation to work, by race, by gender and by sector (for profit, non-profit or government). Additional data in the CTPP includes further breakdown by both race and gender for each topic. The University Center for Social and Urban Research can assist researchers who are interested in data at this further level of detail.

The employment data captured by the CTPP is expected to cover most, but not all, workers in a given area. The Census Bureau estimates that the CTPP covers approximately 91 to 93 percent of the number of jobs counted by payroll data establishment inventories. One source for the workers not captured by the CTPP data is the additional jobs held by multiple jobholders. If a worker held two jobs, only data about the primary job is recorded as part of the decennial census. People who regularly worked in several locations during the reference week were requested to give the address at which they began work each day. Care should be taken therefore when comparing CTPP derived employment data with employment data derived from payroll based administrative data. Payroll data can include a worker several times and thus will result in larger total employment counts.


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